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Repairing of hydraulic cylinders

Mostly it is more cost effective way to repair  an old hydraulic cylinder than to buy a new original one. After receiving a hydraulic cylinder we disassemble it into parts and recommend the customer a repairing scope and the budget (expected costs). The costs can vary only due to customer new requirements during repairing proces.

Consulting and design

Based on its long-standing experience in the hydraulic industry KARLA HYDRAULICS can offer its customers both consultancy and design of hydraulic circuits and whole hydraulic systems. So our customers can use our experience in their new product development.

In addition to the production of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic components, we offer custom metal production according to customers requirements.


  • Turning the flange up to Ø 600 mm,
  • Turning the shaft Ø300-2500 mm,​
  • drilling and threading off axis,
  • milling separately-driven tool
  • lateral drilling to a depth of 100 mm,
  • rough milling of longitudinal grooves,


  • the size of the fixing table 630x1800mm,
  • travel in x/y axis, 754×500 mm,
  • drilled by interpolation,
  • the final surfacing of Ra 0,8
  • vertical head,
  • milling bevels and polygons,

Grinding and honing

  • diameter of the shaft to the max Ø320. length 2000 mm,
  • grinding of cylindrical diameters in calibrated sizes,
  • grinding before and after chrome plating
  • grinding heads and outer grooves,

Roller burnishing